Set Phasers to Jaime Murray

I’m not saying Myka has a type but…


I’m not saying Myka has a type but…





Headcanon: Mr. Kosan had expected HG Wells to ask to keep her love of science, not literature. He didn’t know that a part of her hoped that by keeping her love of literature, she would also keep her…

Will none of you read The Warehouse, A History???
Myka Bering, basically in 5x01 (via racethewind10)


God, Myka, just pick one.  Stop being greedy.


2x01 vs 5x01, meeting HG Wells and Lisa da Vinci

The grappler, yeah- people love the grappler.
You read it in the script and you’re like ‘oh that’s so cool, I get a grappler, I’ll just whip it out
I was dressed as Lara Croft in the smallest outfit that anyone has ever worn in Warehouse 13, and at one point it’s like she pulls the grappler out- I’m like, WHERE does she pull the grappler out from? So, basically the grappler is twice as big as me, and we kinda just pull it out from my armpit. It’s like, aha, that’s where the grappler came from!
Jaime Murray (via abdayw)
Warehouse 13 Tropes Myka Bering


lol what if the final episode of warehouse fades out and it’s just claudia sitting alone in her room at the psychiatric hospital the whole thing was her imagination where she made a new family for herself